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College Involvement Thus Far

Three weeks ago I started school; my first year at Central Michigan University.I felt like a freshman again, excited and full of apprehension in the early weeks. Would I be able to get to all of my classes on time, find a way to manage my homework, and still have somewhat of a social life? So far I think I’m doing well in those categories. I have an old bike which saves me lots of time getting to class (which I will miss when snow comes). As far as managing my homework, I forgot about an assignment for the first time this past week, but after shooting my professor an email, he graciously gave me an extension.

The social life is definitely there. I decided to keep attending the Mt pleasant Community Church and get involved in a greater degree than I was last year.  I work in Kids life, leading a 3rd grade class during the first service every week (it can get a bit chaotic, but is rewarding). I also decided to commit to being a small group leader for the high school students in Student Life in our church. I wanted to have that mentor-mentee kind of relationship, helping young men navigate through some of the difficulties of life. I’m excited to see what happens.

The third church group I am involved with is Ulife (so much life, I know ;)! In Ulife I’m a small group leader and seeking to continue developing myself as a leader. Other church leaders pour into and support me, I’m able to join in christian ‘koinonia‘ (corporate worship with other believers), and be challenged to keep growing.

Outside of the church I am involved in something called ‘Alpha’s—a 5 week seminar that is put on by the Leadership institute. Last week was the first seminar; we were assigned to a team with two facilitators, and created our team name, cheer, and goals. We played a get-to-know-you game where one person stood in the middle with a noodle, trying to hit the person whose name was called, before that person called another person’s name (confusing, I know). We also spent some time getting to know each other. Judging from past experience, I think this is going to be a good team.

I have two groups for classes. One is for my small groups com class, we’re working on a project together. Another group (which I like a bit better), is for my leadership class. We will be raising money for a charity in honor of one of our classmates who passed away a little after our first week of classes (I’ll probably write about it in the future). I think I like this group a lot better because we’ve established some good roles, generated ideas, and made significant progress. I feel we have a really supportive environment in which we all feel we can share our ideas equally. My COM group hasn’t spent much time together outside of class.

On top of this there are a few other small communities I’m involved in, and more still I’m interested in joining.