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I Believe

We all have things we believe and hold to be true. Those beliefs affect us in a huge way, every day… but what are those beliefs? What do you hold to be true? Here are some of the things that I believe.

I believe in loving everyone, no matter who they are

I believe in leadership and the empowerment it brings

I believe communication is the key to creating understanding and connecting with others in a meaningful way.

I believe in the value of balance

I believe in a healthy lifestyle where the outdoors I a part of a your diet

I believe traveling opens your mind to growth

I believe in honesty

I believe everyone needs friends

I believe in striving for growth constantly

I believe that being vulnerable opens hearts to change

I believe that trials can strengthen you

I believe the hardest things in life can be the most worth doing

I believe Jesus is my savior

I believe a life lived examined is not worth living

Reflecting upon what we believe and then asking why we believe is a powerful thing worth your time.